Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wild Wild West Fest Rodeo a SUCCESS!

The first Wild, Wild West Fest Whitewater Rodeo is in the books and it was a great success! Paddlers from Colorado and New Mexico took part in the event that was organized as part of a Pro Bullriders event.

(Lauren Burress shows her skills in the foam pile during one of her rides in the advanced class.)

The main event was the Cowboy Challenge. This event was designed to get PBR athletes into the river. Bullrider, Zack Brown was the only cowboy to take the challenge. He donned a Palm drysuit right on top of his jeans, got geared up and jumped into a WaveSport Habitat to do some surfing in the Pueblo Whitewater Park. Brown aggressively attacked the wave and got several good front surfs in before swimming out of the boat. Brown was awarded a buckle for his efforts. Way to go Zack! We aren't sure if he is a Bullrider who paddles or a paddler that rides bulls. Either way Zack rocks!

(Zack Brown paddles the PWP)

(Pueblo Paddler President Bob Walker presents Brown with the winner's buckle)

The Pueblo Paddlers put on a class event with all competitors and even some paddlers who didn't compete going home with some very cool boater schwag! Burgers and dogs were available under the tent and there were more spectators than boaters! Kudos to all who helped make it happen!

(Barry Kelsen puts on his game-face as well as the coolest boater helmet ever!)
Beginner winners!
Winners in the intermediate class!
Winners in the advanced class!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boaters AND water show up at PWP!

(Lauren Burress)
Lauren Burress is in town at the Pueblo Whitewater Park preparing for the Wild Wild West Fest Rodeo. Lauren who is no stranger to Pueblo is back with her parents to start the kayaking season off by paddling in the PWP in Saturday's rodeo.

The water has topped the 2,000 cfs mark as of Thursday and may yet top 2,500! Warm weather, and warm water are expected to be the order of the day through the weekend. Bring your boats, your family and your smile because we are going to have an amazing time in the PWP Saturday.

(Zach Otte)

And new boater, Zach Otte, took to the Park Thursday after returning to Canon City for the Summer from the Peruvian jungles where he studies jungle medicine of the natives.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It is that time of year!

Let the paddling begin!The Colorado College kayak club made an early season trip to the Pueblo Whitewater Park. The air was warm, the water was up, but it was still reminding paddlers like Michele Yates (above) that it was not too long ago that it was snow.

Nothing like coming up from a roll with a numb face! Ah, the joys of spring paddling. David Spiegel (below) took the opportunity to squeeze a bit of surf and play into breaks in his instruction of new paddlers in the club during their trip to the park.

Bridge construction continues but the water has been at good levels and there is much more to come.

The Pueblo Paddlers are hosting a rodeo at the PWP on Saturday May 16th as part of the Wild Wild West Fest There will be prizes, fun, and food for paddlers and spectators alike!

The top pro will be taking home a $250 cash purse! The event is part of a festival put on by the Pro Bull Riders (PBR) who now make their home in Pueblo just up the street from the PWP. Come enjoy great entertainment and the opportunity to play in Colorado's best whitewater park!

For additional information contact Bob Walker at The Edge Ski, Paddle, and Pack 719 583-2021. See you there!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Pueblo Paddlers president, Bob Walker, uses a chainsaw to cut up the tree that lodged itself in the channel of drop number 8 in the PWP as Pueblo Paddler, Jason Hochevar looks on.

The tree created a strainer in the channel of the final drop in the park and was a real hazard. The Pueblo Paddlers have a history of helping to maintain the park over the years instead of chasing after local officials to do things. The club is willing to step up when needed to help provide the safest boating experience possible at any level.

The PWP is one of the premier parks in the country for boaters, surfers and boogie boarders and as a club the paddlers hope to keep things flowing by applying a little elbow grease when the need arises.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Canon City Riverwalk games date moved!

Riverwalk Games & ByOB (Saturday, July 19, 2008)

Due to high river levels we have been advised to move the event to July 19th and have agreed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it couldn't be avoided. If you have any questions contact Kyle Horne at the Recreation District, 275-1578.

The games this year are a little different, but it should be a great time starting in Centennial Park and finishing at the post-race ByOB Party at the District Offices. There are many sponsors this year including:

The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Canon Rental

Canon City Shopper

Sonny's Ace Home Center

New Belgium Brewing

Bristol Brewing

The proceeds from the Closing Ceremony BBQ & Beer Garden at 7pm at the District Office will go towards the WKRP (Whitewater Kayak Recreation Park) and the Fremont Center For the Arts.

The cost of the Riverwalk Games is $125 for all six events or $40 per event.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Kyle Horne at the Rec. District, 275-1578.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I want to give everyone a heads-up about a tree in the channel of the number 8 drop of the PWP. We are planning on cutting it out of there as soon as possible, but until we can get in there with some chainsaws you need to be aware of it.

The top part of the tree is a pretty serious strainer in the channel of the drop. And river right is a nasty pour-over that has the ability to give you a major beat-down if you get sucked back into it after trying to paddle through it.

I would suggest if you question your skills at all that you avoid the final drop, but if you have to do it stay as close to the rock in the channel as possible and paddle your butt off after passing it before getting caught by the tree.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The PWP makes the front page!

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs sociology professor, Rick Dukes, landed on the front page of The Pueblo Chieftain today.

Professor Dukes was surfing the P-wave on Monday in approximately 800 cfs of Arkansas River flows. Flows in the park are on their way up and it looks as if this will be an epic spring and summer for the PWP due to the snowpack up stream.

There is construction going on to build a new bridge across the river up stream of the PWP but that shouldn't affect the flows in the park. The access is a bit different, but not much.

There has also been some erosion control work done above number one with the placement of several additional rows of boulders. Right now they are in sand and loose dirt, but hopefully they will eventually be grouted in.

For now the park is open, and has the beginnings of what may very well be start of an amazing paddling season. So grab your gear and get out there!